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Scuba Togs is run by scuba diving instructors with a passion for scuba diving, great design and high quality workmanship. Our scuba t-shirts, divewear and scuba accessories are all made to our very high standards and individually inspected before dispatch to you.

Scuba Togs are committed to fair trade and fair working conditions which is why we use t-shirt manufacturers who are WRAP certified and we will never knowingly source our scuba t-shirts, divewear or scuba accessories from any companies who manufacture in "sweatshop" environments.

Scuba Togs are committed to marine conservation and are strongly opposed to unsustainable fishing and shark finning. We put our money where our mouth is every year by donating part of our profits to marine charities.

Scuba Togs are passionate about our planet too. Wherever possible we use organically farmed cotton, grown without the use of pesticides and suppliers committed to reducing pollution and waste throughout the manufacturing process. 


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Gifts ideas for divers

Scott Boocock

Diving is not only an exciting pastime for adrenaline junkies; it is also an ideal form of education about the world’s oceans. Creating awareness about marine life and the ecosystems in which it exists is the easiest way to encourage best practices to conserve our planet. With everything from the smallest diving gifts to wildlife documentaries, diving is getting people interested in everything aquatic, contributing to a greater understanding of the plight of the earth as a whole. This culture of learning whilst experiencing is further strengthened by numerous dive centres, retail outlets, and suppliers making commitments to social and environmental causes; including free trade, charities, and environmental awareness. With divers around the world wearing diving t shirts that support equal trade in the form of organically grown, environmentally friendly cotton, and portions of proceeds of diving gifts, equipment, and accessories going to numerous marine charities, these organisations are certainly doing their part in contributing to changing the way we treat the natural world around us.

It is no secret that our earth is currently in danger of complete devastation from careless human actions. We have spent far too long doing untold damage to the natural world and current research indicates that we may be at the point of no return. Our only salvation would be to change our attitudes and behaviours in order to preserve and begin to protect the environment we so greatly depend on for our survival. It is within this climate of desperate measures that a simple dive t shirt has the power to decrease the harmful influences that have brought us to our current distressing juncture. Due to the increased extent to which divers are exposed to all things aquatic, it is hard for them not to become more aware of their surroundings. It is to this heightened consciousness that organisations supporting the dive industry are supplying their goods. Little wonder then that everything from scuba t shirts and dive t shirts to diving gifts are being carefully crafted from the most ethical production plants and picked from the most generous charity supporting retailers.

With social and environmental issues at the forefront of global change, thinking green when purchasing gifts is an ideal way for individuals to not only contribute to conservation themselves, but also to the education and enlightenment of others. Diving gifts such as scuba t shirts and dive t shirts are all available from environmentally responsible organisations that contribute directly to fair trade and charities. Through education, awareness, and informed buying, divers have the ability to support transformation in human attitudes towards the world as a whole by merely partaking in an exciting hobby or pastime. If this is true of diving t shirts and diving gifts of all kinds, imagine the potential for other, more everyday items and purchases. By being informed and aware, consumers on a much greater scale can make the difference necessary to saving our very delicate planet.