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Scuba Togs is run by scuba diving instructors with a passion for scuba diving, great design and high quality workmanship. Our scuba t-shirts, divewear and scuba accessories are all made to our very high standards and individually inspected before dispatch to you.

Scuba Togs are committed to fair trade and fair working conditions which is why we use t-shirt manufacturers who are WRAP certified and we will never knowingly source our scuba t-shirts, divewear or scuba accessories from any companies who manufacture in "sweatshop" environments.

Scuba Togs are committed to marine conservation and are strongly opposed to unsustainable fishing and shark finning. We put our money where our mouth is every year by donating part of our profits to marine charities.

Scuba Togs are passionate about our planet too. Wherever possible we use organically farmed cotton, grown without the use of pesticides and suppliers committed to reducing pollution and waste throughout the manufacturing process. 

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Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers

Scott Boocock

With 71% of the Earth’s surface covered by its ocean’s, which contribute to 99% of the habitable space available on the planet, it is not hard to understand why marine conservation has taken on an important role in the current global environmental crisis. While there are many charities, organisations, and movements committed to preserving and protecting aquatic ecosystems, each of us as individuals have a responsibility to become aware of how our actions affect the world around us. The diving industry as a whole, from manufacturers of dive t shirts and scuba t shirts to artists like Roland St John with his various silver jewellery pieces has had a great educational impact on how some people interact with the environment around them, with special attention to the oceans. By allowing people to physically and emotionally interact with aquatic eco systems of all kinds, diving is a fun and exciting activity that has a profound effect on all that participate.

An avid diver and photographer, Roland St John and his diving gifts, art, and silver jewellery has shown that environmental awareness can be about more than just individual contributions. By getting people interested in his marine works he is also contributing to the overall awareness of other’s to the plight of our oceans. By merely purchasing one of his many diving gifts, it is possible for anyone to play a role in donating to marine charities. However, this can be related to a much broader range of products within the diving world and, by being informed, divers can choose the specific charities and movements they would prefer to support by simply buying their gear, diving t shirts, and other accessories from the correct places. Various diving retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers are committed to donating part of their proceeds to charities that they feel need the support. Furthermore, with a little bit of research and effort, not only can one help marine conservation by buying one’s scuba t shirts from the right retailer, but it is also possible to support other socially responsible initiatives such as fair and ethical trade. This movement (that started as early as the 1940’s) was first and foremost a means for developed countries to empower developing countries by promoting trade with them. This has since grown to incorporate labourer rights and to promote sustainability. By investigating which of their dive t shirt and equipment suppliers uphold these values allows a dive consumer the ability to support the movement as well.

From individual artists like Roland St John, to dive suppliers and organisations, to everyday consumer purchases in any industry across the globe, it is possible for us as individuals to start making the right decisions when it comes to buying products. Having looked at the possibilities in diving t shirts, scuba t shirts, and diving gifts one can easily apply these principles to our everyday lives. Imagine the potential for groceries, beauty products, cars, home improvement, and business. With our world in dire straits, and human actions contributing daily to a declining natural environment, choosing to be environmentally and socially aware is no longer an option – it is a necessity. With a small amount of effort and education, making the correct informed decisions for the benefit of our planet is as easy as buying a silver dolphin pendant for a loved one.