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Scuba Togs is run by scuba diving instructors with a passion for scuba diving, great design and high quality workmanship. Our scuba t-shirts, divewear and scuba accessories are all made to our very high standards and individually inspected before dispatch to you.

Scuba Togs are committed to fair trade and fair working conditions which is why we use t-shirt manufacturers who are WRAP certified and we will never knowingly source our scuba t-shirts, divewear or scuba accessories from any companies who manufacture in "sweatshop" environments.

Scuba Togs are committed to marine conservation and are strongly opposed to unsustainable fishing and shark finning. We put our money where our mouth is every year by donating part of our profits to marine charities.

Scuba Togs are passionate about our planet too. Wherever possible we use organically farmed cotton, grown without the use of pesticides and suppliers committed to reducing pollution and waste throughout the manufacturing process. 

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Recreational Social Responsibility

Scott Boocock

One would never consider that fair trade and organic cotton production would ever have a role to play in the production of Diving T Shirts or diving gifts, and assuming it doesn't would also be incorrect. Starting as early as the 1940’s, fair trade was initially a way for developed countries to support developing countries through trade in handicrafts. These novelty handicrafts were new and interesting and had an appeal as being different in developed countries, as being a fresh taste in culture that was both artistic and unique. It wasn’t until the early 1980’s, when fair trade handicrafts had become rather passé in developed markets, that the movement looked to agriculture for a renewable source of products. Coffee, tea, fruits, spices, and of course cotton all found their way into the fair trade world, that is today making a massive impact on international trade markets with a number of organisations offering fair trade certifications and businesses wanting to participate.

From a consumer's perspective, aiding in this cause has become as easy as buying Diving T shirts. With many manufacturers across a broad scope of industries becoming WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and fair trade certified, it is possible for consumers to get almost anything they need from an accredited business. Whilst it does involve some level of research and investigation initially, becoming active in social awareness has never been easier. Now even one’s favourite hobby can be a means to participate. Not only is diving fun and environmentally educational, it can also be the most enjoyable way to be part of these worthy causes. By sourcing ones equipment and attire correctly, everything from Dive T shirts to Diving gifts has the potential to enhance ones social responsibility. This is, of course, not limited to Scuba T shirts and gear alone – by being actively aware of the origins and manufacturing processes of any purchase item one can turn any hobby into the most fun anyone can have while making a difference. 

Wearing diving T shirts or scuba T shirts made from organically grown, environmentally friendly cotton from a developing country, is one step towards making a personal impact that is positive and applaudable. Choosing to buy dive t shirts that have been produced in support of fair and ethical trade combines social responsibility with recreational activities with a minimal amount of effort.  If even dive T shirts and diving gifts can contribute to the fair and ethical trade movement while also supporting environmental conservation, the possibilities for more everyday items are endless.

With organisations, manufacturers, and businesses taking the initiative on our (the consumers) part, becoming socially aware and responsible should be the only option available. No longer can one plead ignorance as an excuse not to support free and equal trade when there is an abundance of readily available information for you to use to make informed decisions. When manufacturers of scuba T shirts display their WRAP accreditation proudly it becomes the responsibility of the consumer to support businesses that are contributing to more than just their own capital gain.