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Scuba Togs is run by scuba diving instructors with a passion for scuba diving, great design and high quality workmanship. Our scuba t-shirts, divewear and scuba accessories are all made to our very high standards and individually inspected before dispatch to you.

Scuba Togs are committed to fair trade and fair working conditions which is why we use t-shirt manufacturers who are WRAP certified and we will never knowingly source our scuba t-shirts, divewear or scuba accessories from any companies who manufacture in "sweatshop" environments.

Scuba Togs are committed to marine conservation and are strongly opposed to unsustainable fishing and shark finning. We put our money where our mouth is every year by donating part of our profits to marine charities.

Scuba Togs are passionate about our planet too. Wherever possible we use organically farmed cotton, grown without the use of pesticides and suppliers committed to reducing pollution and waste throughout the manufacturing process. 

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Saving the planet one dive T shirt at a time.

Scott Boocock

With environmental awareness becoming increasingly important in today’s resource hungry world, finding ways to contribute to a sustainable natural environment is both exciting and necessary for the continued survival of our planet. Combining the amazing educational pastime of diving with fair trade, environmental awareness, and marine conservation, buying diving t shirts and diving gifts or accessories from manufacturers such as Scubatogs is a really easy way for divers to do their bit for the oceans they love.

Through causes, charities, environmental organisations, and education, people are slowly being introduced to the significance of conserving life and ecosystems for future benefit. Looking at any endangered or extinct animal statistics, it quickly becomes evident that there is a drastic need for transformation in our approach to resource gathering. With the latest IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) statistics showing that of the 47 677 species they assessed, 17 291 are currently threatened with extinction, there can be little doubt about the importance of environmental reform. 

Among the many conservation initiatives, marine conservation is of imperative importance as the boundless oceans make up the majority of the planet’s surface, covering about 71% of it and providing about 99% of the total inhabitable space on Earth. Diving plays a significant role in the educational process of marine conservation by allowing people to interact with the marine ecosystems and life forms that need to be preserved whilst still being a fun and enjoyable pastime. Peeking people’s interest in marine life and ecosystems, diving is the perfect introduction to the world of preservation of the planets oceans. With marine species populations declining rapidly due to over fishing, pollution, habitat destruction, and human interaction, humans need to start changing the way we view our planet and the resources available to us. It is the duty of each of us to modify our own behaviour in order to preserve what we have taken advantage of. With a global movement towards “Going green” and countries the world over becoming committed to environmental awareness each individual has the potential to help. From something as small as recycling your glass bottles, to the more committed consumer that supports only businesses and manufacturers who are actively involved in making a difference everyone has a responsibility.

This is why Scubatogs have begun to cultivate a market whereby awareness and essential funds are raised through the sale of their scuba T shirts and diving gifts, gearing us up for a more sustainable future. With a portion of profits on the sale of diving gifts, diving T shirts, and diving accessories going to marine charities, manufacturers like this are showing their commitment to environmental reform. Furthermore, with every step in the manufacturing process of Scuba T shirts and dive T shirts, Scubatogs is committed to fair and equal trade, recycling, and reducing the impact of production on the environment. Helping these environmentally friendly manufacturers by choosing their dive T shirts over those of other suppliers is a fantastic way to be involved in helping to preserve our planet. This is true of any products or services available, by being an informed educated consumer you can make a difference through merely purchasing the ‘right’ items.