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Scuba Togs is run by scuba diving instructors with a passion for scuba diving, great design and high quality workmanship. Our scuba t-shirts, divewear and scuba accessories are all made to our very high standards and individually inspected before dispatch to you.

Scuba Togs are committed to fair trade and fair working conditions which is why we use t-shirt manufacturers who are WRAP certified and we will never knowingly source our scuba t-shirts, divewear or scuba accessories from any companies who manufacture in "sweatshop" environments.

Scuba Togs are committed to marine conservation and are strongly opposed to unsustainable fishing and shark finning. We put our money where our mouth is every year by donating part of our profits to marine charities.

Scuba Togs are passionate about our planet too. Wherever possible we use organically farmed cotton, grown without the use of pesticides and suppliers committed to reducing pollution and waste throughout the manufacturing process. 

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Scubatogs is firmly committed to fair and ethical trade, using garments made in WRAP certified factories.

Scuba Togs is firmly committed to fair and ethical trade, using garments made in WRAP certified factories. WRAP is an independent board of directors and professional staff that independently monitor and evaluate all participating manufacturing facilities. This evaluation is based on 12 production principles involving hours of work, compensation and benefits, health and safety and the prohibition of child labour.

Apparel Certification 12 Program Principles - The objective of the Apparel Certification Program is to independently monitor and certify compliance with the following standards, ensuring that a given factory produces sewn goods under lawful, humane, and ethical conditions. Note that it is not enough to subscribe to these principles; WRAP monitors the factory for compliance with detailed practices and procedures implied by adherence to these standards. 

1. Compliance with Laws and Workplace Regulations - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will comply with laws and regulations in all locations where they conduct business. 

2. Prohibition of Forced Labour - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will not use involuntary or forced labour -- indentured, bonded or otherwise. 

3. Prohibition of Child Labour - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will not hire any employees under the age of 14, or under the age interfering with compulsory schooling, or under the minimum age established by law, whichever is greater. 

4. Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will provide a work environment free of harassment, abuse or corporal punishment in any form. 

5. Compensation and Benefits - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will pay at least the minimum total compensation required by local law, including all mandated wages, allowances and benefits. 

6. Hours of Work - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will comply with hours worked each day, and days worked each week, shall not exceed the legal limitations of the countries in which sewn product is produced. Manufacturers of sewn product will provide at least one day off in every seven-day period, except as required to meet urgent business needs. 

7. Prohibition of Discrimination - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will employ, pay, promote, and terminate workers on the basis of their ability to do the job, rather than on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs. 

8. Health and Safety - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will provide a safe and healthy work environment. Where residential housing is provided for workers, apparel manufacturers will provide safe and healthy housing. 

9. Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will recognize and respect the right of employees to exercise their lawful rights of free association and collective bargaining. 

10. Environment - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will comply with environmental rules, regulations and standards applicable to their operations, and will observe environmentally conscious practices in all locations where they operate. 

11. Customs Compliance - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will comply with applicable customs law and, in particular, will establish and maintain programs to comply with customs laws regarding illegal transhipment of apparel products. 

12. Security - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will maintain facility security procedures to guard against the introduction of non-manifested cargo into outbound shipments (e.g. drugs, explosives, biohazards, and/or other contraband).

Wherever possible Scuba Togs will use WRAP certified products to fulfil your order. If you have any queries concerning any of the products that we offer please feel free to email us at